The Shield of the Senas Ramapala was the last of the Pala emperors and he was overthrown by the rise of the Senas, who were

This episode of the tradition of Kshatra in India expounds on the blazing trail of glory left behind by the Pala Dynasty ruling primarily

Any Empire that firmly sustains for at least 220-250 years can be called a successful Empire. A protracted and vigorous rule over a geographical

After Krishnadevaraya’s death, Achyutaraya just managed to run the kingdom. He wasn’t particularly competent. And by the time of Ramaraya, the kingdom had completely

An emperor as powerful as Pulakeshi II had to face numerous struggles during his last days. His brother “Kubja” [Short] Vishnuvardhana would repeatedly rise

Badami Chalukyas ​Another great luminary whom we must consider alongside Harshavardhana is Immadi Pulakeshi (Pulakeshi II). He belongs to the Badami Chalukyas. Harshavardhana hailed from