There was a gap of about three hundred years between Buddha and Aśoka. Buddha lived in the 6th century BCE. He was born in

Note: This essay and the ones that follow it are translated adaptations from the corpus of writings on the Dravidian movement authored by the

Backgrounder The Tamil country stands tallest among all Indian regions that swallowed the missionary and colonial propaganda of the Aryan Invasion Theory in the closing

All the historians of the world have unanimously hailed Aśoka. That Aśoka was an ideal king has been widely circulated. In ancient times, no

The personalities of Chanakya and Chandragupta were of similar eminence, similar spirit; the supreme testimony to this fact is that such a large empire

An account of the historic battle for the conquest of the Nijagal Fort involving Peshwa Madhava Rao I, Hyder Ali, and Madakari Nayaka.