If some amount of inertia has crept into the framework of Sanatana Dharma in our age, the responsibility for reinvigorating it falls squarely on

Several historical evidences including some coins attest that Ramagupta assumed power after the demise of Samudragupta. We also have a play titled Devichandragupta authored

Buddha approved of and loved both the system of republics as well as the system of monarchy. He himself came from a republics establishment;

Samudragupta had a wife named Dattadevi. Ramagupta and Chandragupta Vikramaditya were their sons. We are fortunate to know their names and other details from the

The multi-volume History and Culture of the Indian People, a definitive work authored by numerous scholars, contains the most accurate and clear history of

[This paper was submitted to the Swadeshi Indology Conference-3 held in Chennai  (December 2017)] Abstract The Aryan-Dravidian divide is a politically motivated fabrication without basis in