Day 7 The day began with a trip to Fort Kochi,

Arjun Bharadwaj started off the day’s proceeding with the fourth

Day 5, Session 1: Meghadutam Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh Kalidasa cannot be

Day 4, Session 1 Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh and Dr. Nagavalli


Known as Kodagu in Kannada, Coorg is a picturesque hill-country forming the Southern tip of Karnataka. It forms

Kautilya absorbed the best from the system of republics; he also brought back the ashvamedha conception of an

One of the most characteristic features of almost all medieval Muslim invaders and rulers of India is their

The big problem with the system of republics is the constant infighting. Since their vision is so narrow,


The Arts

An academic paper exploring the contributions of Kannada cinema to the genre of historical films

I don’t deem it inappropriate to concisely present a collection of my musical experiences over

Let us focus on shrngaaraabhinaya (expression of shrngaara – love) that is based on graceful


In its history of more than a thousand years, Kannada literature’s most recent golden age came in the 20th century with the advent of the Navodaya movement, which can be called as the ‘Kannada literary

In pre-modern India, ‘Sāhitī-samarāṅgaṇa-sārvabhauma’ was a title conferred upon people

संस्कृते विद्यमानानि विविधानि शास्त्राणि सन्ति नैकानि शास्त्राण्यैहिकान्यामुष्मिकानि संस्कृते विद्यमानानि। एतेषां सर्वेषां

"भारतस्य प्रतिष्ठे द्वे संस्कृतं संस्कृतिस्तथा" "संस्कृतं नाम दैवी वागन्वाख्याता महर्षिभिः" शास्त्र-काव्यप्रतिभाविलासानां व्यक्तीकरणाय


Among the various methods of reasoning in Vedanta, the neti neti krama is an

For a moment, just visualize the kind of public debates that happen today –

This is a short glossary of some of the technical terms often seen in

The foundational works of Hinduism have, for centuries, been transmitted by means of an

This is the second part of the article, Sanatana Dharma from Scratch by Shatavadhani

In its original and purest form, Hinduism is a sanatana dharma, loosely translated as