As far as I know, there were three eminent vaiṇikas (musicians who play the vīṇā) in Bangalore. Of them, the seniormost was an Iyengar.

The Muzrai Amendment In 1891, the government decided that a separate body needed to be established for regulating the activities of the Muzrai institutions, namely

Sometime around 1910, my article in English about Diwan Rangacharlu’s governance was published in Indian Review, a Madras-based monthly. With that, I not only

Dakshinamurti Shastri hailed from Kollegal. He was a vaidika[1] from birth; a person who was absorbed in the study of the Vedas. He was

Dushtabuddhi Soorappa Soorappa was a clerk at the Government Printing Press. This is the last thing that should be said about him. What should be

Ill-will between the Mathas   I’ve already mentioned that there were two Madhva Mathas in Mulabagal. There arose a cause for ill-will between the two. I’ve also