From what I’ve heard, Sri Vasudeva Sastri hailed from Doddaballapura. His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore bestowed upon him the title of “Vidyanidhi” (literally:

M S Puttanna was a person who toiled for the revival of Kannada right from the beginning. During his initial days, he worked for

Much like Togere Nanjundashastri, the Nanjundashastri of Kadaba was a traditional scholar. A person with complete mastery over both Sanskrit and classical Kannada. If

The Kannada Sahitya Parishad appointed two senior scholars to carry out its work. One was Nanjundashastri of Togere. The other was Nanjundashastri of Kadaba.

- 1 - Sri Subbabhatta   Mulabagal Sri Subbabhatta hailed from a lineage of Raja Purohitas (Royal Purohitas) and belonged to the Badaganadu subsect. He was younger

Sri Chandrashekhara Sastri belonged to the Hulusukamme (or Ulucukamme) Brahmana subsect hailing from Srinivasapura. He arrived in Mulabagal as the Headmaster of the Anglo