We have recounted in an earlier episode[i] that the Madhva Brahmanas of Mulabagal depended on the land grants given to them in the ancient

Translator’s Note: In this essay, Sri D.V. Gundappa recalls the lives and times of some renowned Vidwans in the Chamarajapet locality in Bangalore. The

The Raichur Conference Panje Mangesha Rao was the president of the Kannada literary conference that was conducted in Raichur. Although a formal invitation from the

In the history of Kannada revival, Panje Mangesha Rao (Maṅgeśarāya in Kannada) must be definitely remembered as an important scholar and a noble person.

Whenever I recall the name of S G Narasimhacharya, I’m also reminded of Mandayam Aji Ramanuja Iyengar. SGN (S G Narasimhacharya), RN (R Narasimhacharya),

Sri Hariyappacharya Swami was a truly magnanimous person who extended patronage, patience, and friendship towards other sects. He did not prohibit the Sahapankti bhojana[i]