For a person who has lived in the Indian main land and has experienced sanatanic lifestyle to the fullest, a mere visit to the

There were two major social conventions that took place within eight years spanning between 1920–28: (i) Prajamitra Mandali or the unrest in favour of

I’ve mentioned elsewhere about a couple of other incidents under the tenure of V P Madhava Rao[1] that stirred up people’s minds. The government

K T Appanna encouraged us and supported us in many ways. After he set up his Hindu Restaurant at Ahmed Building, there was a

Prevalence of Dharmaśāstra-Purāṇa–Itihāsa Traditions in Cambodia 7th Century CE There is ample evidence to show that the Hindu colonists in Kambuja set up an administrative system

The current article is an enlarged version of a talk presented by Arjun Bharadwaj on 5th June 2018 at the National Seminar on Dharmashastra